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This is run as a way to give a platform to all sexual assault and abuse survivors, to unsilence those who have been silenced. We especially want to give a platform to the LGBTQIA community who are typically left out in an often cisgender discussion - as there is no one "kind of survivor." We, as always, encourage women, people with disabilities, and people of color to submit. Endless gratitude to Tarana Burke who founded the hashtag and starting a movement that has transcended barriers of all kinds. 


We support giving people the platform to illustrate how politics and the political landscape post-Trump has affected the marginalized communities across the country.

Dead Tongue

DEAD TONGUE is an art and poetry collaboration between writer Bunkong Tuon and YP editor-in-chief Joanna C. Valente. Tuon wrote 11 poems which will all be illustrated by Valente and eventually compiled into a chapbook available through YP.

Dear BFF: A Podcast

Each episode will focus on a chosen theme and will just be an intimate conversation about the theme. It's simple: We're just talking honestly and authentically, giving insight and perspective into a given topic. 

Neurotic Dope 

This was a monthly column written by Joshua Byron, who chronicles what it's like to date as a queer nonbinary person.

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