Chris Roberts: #NotTrump Series

Alternative Facts about a Castle near the Ocean

A person says the ocean isn’t there,

was never there, and that I made it up,

but when I look, the waves roll on and on.


This person says the towers are make-believe,


and that the castle’s in fine shape and needs

no work on its facade for centuries more.


He says this land’s been here since well before


both he and I, so who are we to say

if grass has been replaced, then says, “Who cares?”


If taken at his word, I’d find myself


at odds with what I can be sure about

this place--I’d kill my own democracy.

Chris Roberts grew up in backwater Pennsylvania, where he learned to pronounce his Korean birth name as "Die Young." His work has appeared in Blue Lyra Review, and is forthcoming in Brooklyn Arts Press's Brooklyn Poets Anthology. In the fall of 2016, Roberts was the recipient of a Brooklyn Poets Fellowship.