Christopher Morgan: #MeToo Series

Christopher Morgan: #MeToo Series
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Stop and Look In the Body

from “Suicide House”


stop and look in the       body

he just wanted to look around.


said that when he opened the door


he told me

he was

aware of our family’s history.

as if he’d always known


like he was

Reaching out,


like he was in a trance.



He’s       close to       his grave


He’s still in there

looking up at me


I wish I could help him.


The Empty Room

from “The Riverview Hotel Phantom”


children chased

screamed in changing voices,

weird echoes.                 an unlocked door,

the empty room


try to scare


this version of

the       hall

a bit more timid than       good


the room       room

room       room

stopped       and clutched

in front of the       room       the figure of a man



his face was the color of

eyes       dead black


Not       a real person at all.

Note: These poems are erasures from Nancy Roberts' novel, "Georgia Ghosts"

Christopher Morgan is a Lebanese American poet and editor who grew up in Detroit, the Bible Belt of Georgia, and the San Francisco Bay Area, where he currently lives and co-manages Nostrovia! Press. The Reviews Coordinator at Alien Mouth, and the author of four chapbooks, his work can be found at GargoyleA cappella ZooVoicemail PoemsBennington Review, and concīs, among others. He loves the woods, designing games, and happy hour margaritas.