Davy Knittle: Tense Future
Ant Rozetsky

Ant Rozetsky

[tense future]


your birthday is so soon I’m scared of it

of slipping I thought of you and elsewhere

people in their underwear that we know

elsewhere Ada is eating Elyse’s

clean ones Ada’s a bulldog Boston mix

Elyse mixed Boston driving and left it 

we mixed Philly with Ohio and miles

Ohio mixed was Ohio tilted

like a flight when someone else points the V

Iowa is Iowa it’s still there

we are not moved on from our weird pining

we move on each other on an air bed

in our house apart from our sleeping friend

try to host well but it’s hard not to squeak 

Davy Knittle's poems and reviews have appeared recently or are forthcoming in Fence, Jacket2, Denver Quarterly and The Iowa Review. His second chapbook, "empathy for cars / force of july" was published by horse less press in April 2016. He lives in Philadelphia where he curates the City Planning Poetics series at the Kelly Writers House.