Jose Montano: Silence Has Aged With Me

Jose Montano: Silence Has Aged With Me




Every time I look out the window

it’s a constant reminder

of how I don’t belong in this world

The green looks fake

planting families in

the grass of normality

Do I really want to lose my parents to time

and become one myself with that same time?

Society’s importunity nods a definite yes!

So I draw the blinds

and wait for my mother to come in and ask




The cheap blue paint in the wall's silence has aged with me.

This cheap light bulb is the only sun I've seen in weeks.

Am I introverted or lazy?

My migraines grow like weeds in the lawns of comfort

I’ll never leave the stale city of alienation

though I’m too depressed to wanna stay

I’m just too anxious to try to leave

trapped-isolated and weird.



The mocking bird's song is stirring hot

in the night's belly

as the image of a sweet former lover

eclipses the moon of my iris

and I'm blinded

through new nights

of dusty heart remembrances

I’m alone and absolutely comfortable

but melancholy is a sick knife into the lungs of happiness

I lost my breath thinking of friends

that were only photos of pastness

in the worn-out pockets of futurity.



Being a poet means sounding exactly the same as your contemporaries

Cut the verbs in their gut

Make adjectives swell the eyeballs full of tears

I get plastic surgery to look just like Rupi Kaur

My anaplastic nouns are read by a goth girl

who says “I hate Rupi Kaur”

Every poet wants to be a motivational speaker

Which liberal arts school inspired the adverbs of supposed enlightenment?

I am what the publishers are not looking for

more 5 line poems!  less ambition!! more//////////////////////



It’s exhausting

to carry the world up against my forehead

and my visions through the window of aberrancy

that keep me odd//Complacent//Frustrated//Content?

when I’m dead-in the graveyard of literature

of unknown poets.

Jose Montano is a Chicano poet/writer from Southern California. Jose has self-published three poetry chapbooks, Enouement, Amateurishly, and Karmic Futurity. Jose’s poetry has also been featured in Idle Eyes Zine. Jose doesn’t enjoy long walks on the beach but he does enjoy long drives off a cliff.