Ellie Lamothe: Unholy Altars
Photo: Joanna C. Valente

Photo: Joanna C. Valente


    you are not sure how to comfortably claim queerness
    or navigate 
the jagged spaces you occupy
    when you so willingly kneel to expectations

    how to feel worthy of this revolution
    when you have inherited an intimate language
that offers itself 
to unholy altars

    where does reclamation of identity end 
and annihilation begin?

    You make your mouth a shrine 
    to the wilderness of him
blood vessels bloom
    under his hand

    does it matter what kind of bodies you could love 
with the heat of yours
    when his cum is in your hair?

    who will know?
    who will attest?
who will deem you worthy?

Ellie Lamothe is a Sociology student, activist, and poet living in K’jipuktuk (Halifax, NS). She's passionate about feminism and collective healing, and is the founder of Laurels & Bells Literary Journal. Her work has appeared in Glass: A Journal of Poetry (Poets Resist) and is forthcoming in Kissing Dynamite, Riza Press, andConstellations: A Journal of Poetry and Fiction. You can follow her on Instagram @ellielamothe and Twitter @laurelsandbells.