Ally Ang: Wet Dream
Andrew Branch

Andrew Branch

Wet Dream

it’s embarrassing, how bad I want you
how wet I am, like you could drown in me.

you spread my legs & slip a finger inside me
then two / an arm / a torso
until you’ve disappeared, a casualty
of my greedy body.

I’m ashamed of how much water
my body holds. I’m more ocean
than girl
but you’ll take what you can get

cuz everything my pussy touches
turns to gold.

I cum like a goddamn tsunami & next thing you know
experts are calling my orgasm a natural disaster
& you’re collecting checks
from FEMA.

so it goes.

I’m ashamed of how much water
my body holds. I sit on your face
& you cough up water like a drowned man
washed up on shore.

sometimes, I just wanna ride you into the sunset
like in the movies.

is that too much to ask?

Ally Ang is a spooky femme poet who is in love with the moon. Ally's work has been published in Tinderbox Poetry Journal, The Fem, Crab Fat Magazine, and more. Ally's first chapbook, Monstrosity, was published by Damaged Goods Press in 2016, and their second chapbook is forthcoming from Yellow Chair Press this summer. Follow them on Twitter and Instagram @TheOceanIsGay.