Amy Saul-Zerby: Memories Become Clutter

memories become clutter


you tell me the light falls

in slats but i don’t see it any-


more. limbs slackened as

your hands around my


neck in the dark would have

in time. don’t tell me about


bravery, take my name

in vain, i am ready to let go


of specificity & the idea

that i know anything


a rose is a rose is a rose

and i don’t remember why

Amy Saul-Zerby is the author of Deep Camouflage (Civil Coping Mechanisms) and Paper Flowers Imaginary Birds (Be About It Press). Her poems have appeared in Painted Bride Quarterly, Spy Kids Review, Mad House, and Bedfellows Magazine. She is editor in chief of Voicemail Poems and a contributing writer at Fields Magazine and The Rumpus.