Anthony Timperman: April 2018 Poet of the Month

A Kind of Opening


Come and see

a violet petal peeled

brown, a violent wind

in prairie grass,

marine fog lifting

from the tops of palms

for hours in the morning.

Come and see

how I have laid down carefully a mat

and invited a bell to ring,

arranged the makings for recovery,

lit incense and color-coded loose leaf

for subject and reference.

Most days there is not

a single thing out of place.

Inside these four-square walls,

I imagine a fire as large,

contains the cosmos,

have a notion that a notion

is only ever that.

Burn up your dreams.

Come with me, I can see

mountains, and in them

the sea and stars, my personality,

all space, nothing at all.

Anthony Timperman is a writer, poet, musician and filmmaker. He was born in Mansfield, Ohio and graduated from Ashland University, where he studied Philosophy and English. Anthony lives in Brooklyn, New York.