Ariana Turiansky: Voice Message # 2

Voice Message # 2


You’ve stayed back,

or I’ve gone on.

There’s hay and dust

in the air, sheep flock in

the shadows. I tear apart

an ear of corn, hope

you’ll notice my bare arms,

hear me laughing and

close the space or say

anything. Hum for the horse

in the pen with a wound

bloom under his chin—

blowing air on my forehead—

my horse / not my horse.

Mountains far out are

cut from black construction

paper. The flock at night

moves lithe and half-

way there and I don’t

need to see everything—

the shadows

at the edge of

a field, waving.

Ariana Turiansky graduated from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas with an MFA in poetry. Her work has appeared in Leveler, ILK Journal, Likewise Folio, and elsewhere. She currently lives and writes in Las Vegas.