Armando Jaramillo Garcia: Geographically Speaking
Jacob Ufkes

Jacob Ufkes

Geographically Speaking

The topic is race
Gangs of genetically modified warriors
Roaming from landmass to landmass
Spilling blood to fill their cups
The best and worst drowning in moats
Kingly lines dying out
Queenly escapes obscured
The grass greedy for more
The trees hysterical
In their well-measured disdain
For these sloppy grime-filled spreaders of disease
Roots happy in their ever-increasing boredom
From which a mud-rich wellbeing emits
The true sermon
Blackbirds spread with their pecking
The topic is a form of optical delusion
Help is arriving
So the leaves rattle
Voices pining for the right structure
With which to kill the past
Angry at the last
That no poem fell to the ground
Which didn’t need any such
Consecration to persuade

Armando Jaramillo Garcia was born in Colombia, South America and raised in New York City. He graduated from Aviation High School and currently works as a photo industry professional at a science and medical agency. Prelude Books will publish his debut collection of poetry, The Portable Man, in 2017. His work has also appeared recently or is forthcoming in The Boston Review, Prelude, Horse Less Review, TYPO, Queen Mob’s Teahouse, Inter|rupture and others.