C. M. Keehl: Getting Cold
Michael Wiese

Michael Wiese

parallax / getting cold/  standing in front of the fridge

it’s noon, I’m high
& the light from the fridge arcs
displacement   time
collides into cold
alteration         my heat

is a motion & is wave is
energetic/ my mass defined
8 minutes distance
from sun          symmetry
by degrees
& probability

so I put the date on leftovers
to remind myself the way I will
most likely gravitate
copernican/ model orbiting
a concept         abstract functioning
I don’t want to eat to
have more space inside of my
reality or epistemology

gazing forward face
the box/ & cedar
I perceive the funeral
inscribed into my eventually
& take another hit
find way/ to pass time
fill time            keep time on
moving with
time is a warm something
held close to my bodies

keep trying to find context where
friction began.

C. M. Keehl is part dreamer / part destroyer but all alien. She currently lives in suburbs near Detroit with her PIC, a dog named Carver. She is the managing editor at Dirty Chai & has a microchap UNTIL THE FOXES with Ghost City Press. Her most recent poems are in/ forthcoming Fog Machine, Public Pool, Heavy Feather Review, Up The Staircase Quarterly, Vending Machine Press & Spy Kids Review. Keep your eyeballs peeled @CMKeehl // cmkeehl.tumbr.com