Carina Milena Maceira: Loveless Identity

Loveless Identity


paper apartments/ paper furniture/ solid anxiety/ still humbled by homelessness/ faceless idols/ faceless saviors/ I converted in a language I couldn't read/ to paint a nude with justice is to make love to it first/ god and your lover are one and the same/ heaven and home are one and the same/ they tell me I am only good enough for the option of one/ they expect me to marry what cannot pronounce my name without making it sound like consent and understanding are foreign practices/ homeless/ religionless/ loveless/ all sound like the same syndromes for a body without warmth/ hearth/ love 

Carina Milena Maceira is a 19-year-old, first generation American of Cuban Spaniard/Colombian decent. Maceira was also primarily raised by her indigenous Mexican-Arab Persian step-family, further adding to her multicultural identity. Maceira grew up in America between the states of Florida, Virginia and Maryland. Today she resides in the Middle East as an English teacher in an Islamic Institute in the small country of Kuwait. Because of her traditionally conservative family and environment Maceira shares her work anonymously on social media accounts by the handle of C. Medusa and performs her work within the safe comfort of the open minded and liberal art, music and poetry community of Kuwait. 

 Maceira's work is mostly based off of the perspective and struggles of her controversial identity. From living in the states as a young women of multiple marginalized backgrounds or finding herself in the Middle East only to struggle harder with loving herself. Maceira's poetry is most times multilingual and touches on Latinx and Arab identity, Muslim and Catholic identity, toxic masculinity, toxic religion, PTSD, bisexuality, fetishism, colorism, substance abuse, diaspora community, mental health and inter-sectional feminism.