Catie Hannigan: Endlessly into Nowhere



Despite the histories

that loom over

the moment

we are born

we are handed

a pattern despite

cars driving


into nowhere

like any infant

screaming for

what we need


the compass

of language

at the foot

of Desire's staircase

scaring the priests

away like receding

shadows of trees

the sunset is

but a slow scream

trampling the dirt

which despite its girth

no one notices

brevity ask

the clouds

birds trains rain

how to dance

a way out

and into

a resounding


Catie Hannigan is a poet and visual artist from Maine. Her first chapbook, What Once Was There Is The Most Beautiful Thing, was published by DIAGRAM / New Michigan Press in 2015. Her second chapbook, Water Fragments, is a poetic essay on water and islands, and is forthcoming from Tammy Journal in 2017. She received her MFA from Vermont College of Fine Arts. More work can be found at