D. Foy: Even the Dirt
Oscar Sutton

Oscar Sutton

Excerpts from Springsights



Birdsong & rain:

  which began

first, & which began?



Dogs in the brush

  catch the scent

of lovers sleeping.



Even the dirt

  has begun

to smell good again.





Summer’s first star

  bled the way

a wrist bleeds, he thought.



Ants, beetles, gnats,

  3 AM,

summer again. Damn.





that bite while you sleep.





Greasy burgers

  & the shouts

of kids back to school.



The ticks of fall

  drop & cling,

only to get burned.




  blossoms trapped

in webs. He missed her.

D. Foy is the author of the novels Made to Break and Patricide. His work has appeared in GuernicaSalon, HazlittPost RoadElectric LiteratureBOMBThe Literary ReviewMidnight BreakfastThe Scofield, and The Georgia Review, among others, and has been included in the books Laundromat, Forty Stories: New Writing from Harper Perennial, and A Moment’s Notice.