Emily Corwin: #NotTrump Series

Emily Corwin: #NotTrump Series

residence in a time of horror

it was something gloomy out there—in the gloaming, in the ground
that gives, ground that takes. yes, it is a brutal planet we have, it says:

danger, do not enter. and what direction are you running, love? did it hurt to be
outside? under the local meadow, blood invades, the virus moaning delicious

into wilder life. what is there to do but tremble, become a softer element,
supple, foraging for antidote, a small, ardent berry to reside here, to resist.

erasure of Hillary Clinton’s concession speech

 thank you. thank you all. thank you

     all night. I’m sorry. we hold our

                   country. I feel it too. this is painful.

            we hold our country. you mean

more than I can ever. lift me across. 

the body is pain, is public. it hurts

                                                                                     now—the glass is deep and weary.


Emily Corwin is an MFA candidate in poetry at Indiana University-Bloomington and the Poetry Editor for Indiana Review. Her writing has appeared or is forthcoming in Gigantic Sequins, glitterMOB, Hobart, smoking glue gun, and Word Riot. Her chapbook, My Tall Handsome was recently published through Brain Mill Press. You can follow her at @exitlessblue.