jacklyn janeksela: fear the reaper
Vincent Guth

Vincent Guth

fear the reaper, no; fear my selph


the canopy of our uterus ain’t just housing babies, it’s housing whole generations

of witches & warlocks

we be the survivors of those who didn’t make it

we be the slick cells that made it past the front gate, past the guillotine, past cavities and dungeons

we be the stern that steers this here ship back to acres growing

dynasties of breads and brews, medicines and molasses, cordials and poisons


yesterday ain’t but a day you’ve named because time, like our age, is irrelevant

we comes strong with cross-dimensional travel

while those attached to flesh suits hunt our entrails hungered

the blood they spill just goes back to the source, the trees suck it up like nectar

the trees ripen embryos like snake eggs or seahorse newts

they stupid for killing us, they stupid for not killing us


fuck that phoenix shit, we are all birds and mythical as fuck

we be mushroom spores tickling your nose into a sneezing frenzy that stops your heart

we be a spiders that hatch eggs inside your cochlear and fed on your brain stem for weeks

we be wolf packs that steal your babies and chickens and wait in the wood until your alone, unarmed


tomorrow is some bullshit cause we coming for you today

cut out like rivers and other paper dolls


binary is a construct like the work ceiling, like education, like any certificate or degree ever

does my vagina earn more femininity because she’s organic

what is an organic pussy anyways, i’d love to taste one


dagger that dick because it’s a weapon against most holes that can be penetrated

the dick is a dagger, it’s a pocket knife, a butcher’s blade, a penknife, a razor blade

using it that way only means that there’s a lot of misuse and illegal activity

check points on every street corner, please


i want to claim a vagina and an aggressive sensibility and not be called bitch, bossy, or bossy bitch

i want to like girls and not be called bi or lesbian, but i’ll take queer

for we’re all some brand of strangeness

if you’re not, you’re not living to your potential


i wonder if this pussy is pretty enough for you, but what i should worry about is whether it’s pretty enough for me or

should that be enough to define me

i wonder if my binary kin would reject the pussy that wants to act like a penis, sometimes

i hump my pillow like i’m a non-me sexing a me, a me that’s without name or title or reason

a me that’s beaming with energies and


because water is so beyond binary

jacklyn janeksela is a wolf and a raven, a cluster of stars, &  a direct descent of the divine feminine.  jacklyn janeksela can be found @ Thought CatalogLuna MagazineTalking BookThree Point PressDumDum MagazineVisceral BrooklynAnti-Heroin ChicPublic PoolReality Hands, Mannequin HausVelvet-TailRequited JournalThe Feminist WireWord For/WordLiterary OrphansLavender Review, & Pank.  she is in a post-punk band called the velblouds. her baby @ femalefilet.  more art @ artmugre & a clip.  her first book, fitting a witch//hexing the stitch, will be born in 2017 (The Operating System).  she is an energy.  find her @ hermetic hare for herbal astrological readings.