Jacqueline Last: My Vagina Is Not a Hole
Sean Brown

Sean Brown

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My vagina is not a hole or a
portal: a walled order, it is a
particular trap. Holes traced to
plunge through to escape
eventual exit: the sight of a second
side. I am and have been a trap.
My mother pressed to me do not
believe the men who say they
need it, to be inside of you, they
carry themselves like a sickness.
I did not know that so soon I
would want it, eventually beg
for it, cry for it, lie to get it,
torch family homes, forget
about it. If holes have an entry
and exit I cannot find my holes,
refuse goodbyes even as I am
splitting. I am the man I want to
fuck when I am fucking you. I
am released by my irrelevance. I
am climbed atop extinction,
swallowed into the borders
where I was born. My vagina is
a car key scarred knob mounting a
cracked door and a room is not a

Humour Caused by Heat

We Will Return to This


Jacqueline Last is a queer, mixed-Latinx poet from the Bay Area. Their work has recently appeared or is forthcoming in The Fem, Berkeley Poetry Review, Apogee Journal Folio, and Columbia Poetry Review. They are currently working on their 1st book, to be published by Where Are You Press in 2017. Find them on twitter: @jacqlast