Jared Joseph: October 2017 Poet of the Month

Jared Joseph: October 2017 Poet of the Month
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Where did we go.  I don’t


know.  The royal we was alone.

We went to ITS Beach at high

noon, there were no shadows

I found one

I sat down.  I put my sweater on

Marissa feels complex about.  I mean she feels

complicated.  I mean her feelings are.  I don’t

know life, life for me is simple.  If it rains

bike in rain.  If I love you I will rest

my head in your lap.  If you do not love me I will

if it rains bike in rain

rest and step inside my rest and lay my head against

the red cliff rock.  I read a story a fish

who was a human mother once threw herself aghast

the black cliff rock (I have all kinds of

cuts) narrow sharp and grooved, and as herself

aghast selves‘ scales sparked into the air, like rose petals suffering

suffusing now

the red cliff rock, she dotted everything and died

a recovered human mother.  Rest exists


The world forms.

Jared Joseph is a recent graduate of the Iowa Writers’ Workshop MFA program, and is now pursuing my PhD in Literature at the University of California – Santa Cruz. Recent work has been published in Fence and Entropy Journal; 'Drowsy. Drowsy Baby' is forthcoming from Civil Coping Mechanisms press in September 2017. His book collaboration with Sara Peck, 'here you are,' is available from Horse Less Press.