Katbug: God Hates Horny
Photo: Joanna C. Valente

Photo: Joanna C. Valente



I want to fall asleep on you. the moon of you. the spoon bending. can you feel it? gravity beneath fingernails. burnt ember forest. glowing coals beneath your hands, fall day, remember this? slip beneath me if you want,

I want to fall asleep on you. dogma armageddon. mouthfeel sound, I want to lick your teeth. in a romantic way. wake.

a trail behind, I want to fall asleep on. have you
been to church in years? it's all very mechanical, animatron tongue,
God hates horny, praise the clit

body why open
a careful yaw

Katbug is a nonbinary trans woman studying creative writing in Philadelphia and recipient of the 2019 William Van Wert creative writing award. Through poetry she explores the spaces where trauma and mental illness meet the body, and how to find agency within them. She is the co-event coordinator for Babel Poetry Collective and a founding member of the brand-new, exclusively non-cis artist collective, deadname. Find more of her work at Punch Drunk Press, Voicemail Poems, and Sludge Lit.