Katie Farris: And the Water Turned Over
Photo: Joanna C. Valente

Photo: Joanna C. Valente

A Dare from the Knight of Cups

When I stepped,

fully dressed, 

into the bath,

he laughed

and stripped

away my thin

dress from my skin 

with practiced precision.

A bit later, said he:

“Now this is sexy,

but this tub must be


what if we 

end up in

the kitchen?”

“Don’t worry,”

said I, executing

a neat turn

for which I am known,

and continuing:

“We’re still covered

under our home

warranty.” And so

my lover shuddered,

and the water

turned over



The Magician Meets the High Priestess

“I’m designed 

for alone; 

a lighthouse,” I say,

his arms around

me, arabesques.

(His word; too 

fluty for me.)

He shifts, adds 

the flourish of his other 

arm to my sans-

serif self, smiles

through my grump;

he joys me, reluctant, pulls 







out of my


Editor’s Note: These poems are part of our collection, Haunted: Tarot Poems

Katie Farris is the author of the hybrid-form text boysgirls, (Marick Press, 2011; Tupelo Press 2019) and the chapbooks Thirteen Intimacies (Fivehundred Places, 2017), and Mother Superior in Hell (Dancing Girl, 2019). Most recently she won the 2018 Anne Halley Poetry Prize and the 2017 Orison Anthology Prize in Fiction. Her work has appeared in literary journals including Poetry, The Believer, Verse, and The Massachusetts Review.