Laura Page: Minutes on a Reunion

Laura Page: Minutes on a Reunion

Minutes on a Reunion

                                                            After Roland Barthes

1.     The women are all here. One deceased, a matriarch.

2.     Who said a writer is one who plays with her mother’s body?

What of that mother’s mother?

3.     I have my mother’ eyes, not her mother’s.

4.     We peel away after discussing Flannery O’ Connor.

One possibly messianic bull brought up all the boxes.

5.     Disagreement: whose boxes?

6.     Why can’t I say grandmother?

7.     Other concerns: where was she gored? Whose Jesus is the blue bull? 

8.     Polygravida > Primigravida?

9.     The girls all go shopping for a new matriarch. Strips malls, big box stores.

10.  We play with deformity. We gore. We grandmother.

Laura Page is a graduate of Southern Oregon University and editor of Virga Magazine. Her work has appeared or is forthcoming in Rust + Moth, The Rumpus, Crab Creek Review,  Unbroken, Maudlin House, and others. Her chapbook, "Sylvia Plath in the Major Arcana," is forthcoming from Anchor & Plume Press.