Melissa Atkinson Mercer: Girl with Diagnosis or Gun

girl with diagnosis or gun, #7


this is where I crawl into meadows with an axe

where my tongue is one flower among many & the game is to find it  | to make confession


though I root in unmappable silence


though my girl is a girl with the arms of a tree | a throat filling with mud

my girl who waits in the caves of dawn


inside a nightgown wet with skin


I’m saying the beetles ate through our kitchens & then we were here

the worms came at midnight to devour our sleep


& we wished so precisely | for mercy


though some of us try harder | some of us call this home

Melissa Atkinson Mercer is the author of the forthcoming poetry collection Saint of the Partial Apology (Five Oaks Press) as well as five poetry chapbooks, including My Own Strange Beast (Porkbelly Press) and ghost exhibit (Glass Poetry Press). Her work has recently appeared in Menacing Hedge, Literary Orphans, Blue Earth Review, and others. She has an MFA from West Virginia University.