Music Friyay: Chastity Belt, Drugdealer, Love Is All

Music Friyay: Chastity Belt, Drugdealer, Love Is All

By Joanna C. Valente

Here’s some music, new and old, you should listen to and check out:

Chastity Belt - I Used to Spend So Much Time Alone

The band’s 2017 album is a moody, intimate femme power soundscape. My favorite: “Different Now.”

Drugdealer - The End of Comedy

This 2016 album is a folk rock delight with tender songwriting and collaborations with artists like Weyes Blood. My favorite: “Suddenly.”

Love Is All - 9 Times the Same Song

The Swedish band’s 2006 album is a quintessential-sounding oughts piece with quirky sounds and weird lyrics. My favorite: “Make Out. Fall Out. Make Up.”

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