Nicodemus Nicoludis: We’re No Longer Responsible

Nicodemus Nicoludis: We’re No Longer Responsible

when i think of january i think of you


the simple moon                    

& my books on the windowsill


as we cross our shadows                   

looking for the cat howling


in the alley traps these feelings again             

& snow is coming      


the first of the year    

sort of late      


& like when i touch your hand                      

or face especially this morning


it’s a sort of anticipation of the thing itself               

as much as the result  


the cause & causation of cold                        

of heat             of blankets


& our nakedness                    

silent for the night


if you asked me what it was like starting over

maybe this is the feeling that comes just before that starting


two people having just fucked trying to shut up

some cat who wants the same thing


but doesn’t know anything

but how to wreck itself in the night


& call up towards the lonely spotlight

frozen over brooklyn



paper lanterns



across the city on windy nights

we light the paper lanterns chris bought in chinatown


we cheer for them to miss the apartments

& old-folks homes across 1st avenue


we watch them fade

into more Brooklyn light pollution


we’re no longer responsible



on the 4th of july

they reached straight up

becoming more quick light

in the painted orange sky


tiny fires burning slower

now in dense september

quietly wanting more air

they sink & eat out of the dark

ahead of us


with a shove they slide back & forth

waddling towards low clouds

hanging curtain-like




over new york there are paper lanterns floating

while i invent new ways of learning to disappear


Nicodemus Nicoludis is a poet and writer living in Brooklyn, NY. He has been a featured poet at and his work appears in Potluck Mag, Maudlin House, Chronogram and elsewhere. He earned an MFA from Sarah Lawrence College, teaches at the Borough of Manhattan Community College, and tweets randomly @nicodemvs.