Raisa Imogen: It’s Always Better to Be at the Edge

Raisa Imogen:  It’s Always Better to Be at the Edge
Man Ray

Man Ray

dear sara

today i did    what the living do    shook out my hair    in the sun    with the red crushof an apple    in my mouth    and    thought of how    someone once told me    all answers are found     in a silent room     but now i realize    that silent room    is still filled with the sound    of my breathing    which means    the answer    is a room    with a heartbeat    which means    the answer    is a room    with you in it    still breathing

sara    how long ago    did we watch    that movie    about men   on a boat    chasing a swordfish    into the hot blue night    where everything happened    in the sea    or against it    the women    carrying    baskets as the men    pulled through    the violent waves    to grab hold of    that thing    swimming for its life.           when they finally reeled it in    giantsilverheaving    someone shot into the air    signaling for the women    to start chopping    the herbs    maybe this is what life is    anyways    just a series of smoke signals     disappearing    after we’ve tried    desperately    to catch    whatever we can    in order    to save ourselves    and our bodies    which are always changing    into new costumes    in the long colorful    parade    towards     the end

sara     i want to tell you  i was always rooting    for the swordfish     if i had been on that boat    i would have let it go free     tossed my gun    and my line    into the rush of water     and come home     sara     now i know    the answer     was never inside the room     was never a room     at all    is actually     opening the door     and walking down to the sea     to dip your feet in     even though that means    letting the universe    know     exactly where you are    so it can hunt you down     with a hook    or a car    or a poison apple    and sara    the room might not have been    the answer    but thank you    for leaving the door open    when you left    so i could hear    the watery    call of my name     sara thank you    for reminding me    it’s always better    to be at the edge   than inside  

Raisa Imogen was born in Portland, OR, grew up in Chicago, and currently lives in Bologna, Italy. Her work can be found at Word Riot, The Kenyon Review, The Manifest Station, and www.raisaimogen.net