CHAPBOOK NEWS: Thomas Fucaloro's 'Depression Cupcakes'

CHAPBOOK NEWS: Thomas Fucaloro's 'Depression Cupcakes'

We are absolutely thrilled to announce we will be publishing Thomas Fucaloro's chapbook "Depression Cupcakes" in June/July 2016. The book will be designed by our YP Designer Ted Chevalier. 

Here is a poem from his forthcoming book:

I wrote you a poem
It’s all I could do

Your depression is a single chrysanthemum

that blooms brighter and stronger everyday.


They say it’s a disease. They say it’s the result

of the society we live in. They say it’s a chemical

imbalance. They say anti-depressants can help.

They say anti-depressants help cure depression

because your body gets tricked into thinking

it’s working because your brain feels good.

They say street drugs can’t help. They say

street drugs can still help in causing depression

because your body gets tricked into thinking

it’s working because your brain feels good.


Well I say purple petunias to all of that.


They say therapy or just talking to someone can help.


I believe that.


Talking with someone

helps create

infinite connections

softens the heart




Talking with someone whether therapist or friend

or family or lover is a symbol of sharing.


You know what else is a symbol of sharing?


Giving someone a flower.


Flowers are a simple way of providing emotional health

triggering joyful emotions on the lapel of the sun.


The ivy around your throat

can be that single red rose of a voice

set in light, hope, motion—


The jasmine-lemon blossom-lily of laurel-lotus-orchids

will sing chimes so pure you will not only gain a voice

but you will harbor an island within your chest

and a small lifeboat to paddle you to every beautiful

crescent emotion imaginable.


I’m not saying flowers can cure depression

but it sure can be a purplish/blue honeysuckle

of a start.


I didn’t write you a poem.


I wrote you a garden.

Thomas Fucaloro is an NYC poet and editor for Great Weather for Media. He is the author of two Three Rooms Press poetry collections, Inheriting Craziness is Like a Soft Halo of Light and It Starts from the Belly and Blooms. He has been on two National Slam Teams and received his MFA in creative writing at the New School. He lives in Staten Island.

Ted Chevalier lives in Brooklyn, New York. He currently works as a Senior Multimedia Designer at Sales Graphics, where he manages projects for companies such as A&E Networks, Western Union and Disney. He received his BFA in graphic design at School of Visual Arts, with a minor in motion graphics. Ted is also the Web Editor and Digital Designer for Yes, Poetry. He often freelances design and illustration projects, having worked for musicians such as The Slackers and 100dBs. More can be found at his website