Tyler Vivas: I Am Transgender



When talking about my birth, 

my mother never fails to mention my refusal to enter the world. 


The pathway was cleared for me but as I was forced out 

I had realized, 

nature got it all wrong. 


As the years passed, so did every aspect of my femininity. 

My true form had become restless. 


I dreaded every minute of my existence. 

Hated my lack of a masculine voice and my absence of a defined manhood. 


Eighth grade, 

I shed the skin that belonged to  

Maria Fernanda Vivas. 


Courage had taken a chance.  

Appeared when I needed her most, 

carried me through my dysphoria and self-hatred. 


Fear didn’t fall short behind. 

Took hold of my fragile hands and enveloped them around my neck. 


Insomnia laid with me, 

as I felt sweltering tears roll down my face. 


Depression deprived of attention, 

placed a metal blade in my line of sight. 


As I was slipping from a blood-stained rope,  

two more people had to make an appearance. 

I waltzed with Christ and kissed Cain. 


To you, I chose the devil. 

But I am sitting at God’s drawing table. 

He wants to finally get it right. 


I’ve been transformed by angels, 

transcended into one. 

I am transgender.

Tyler Vivas is a creative writing student at Miami Arts Charter, located in Miami, Florida. His favorite form of writing is poetry and hopes to publish a poetry book one day. He wants to be able to inspire others to write without fear and with courage.