Vikrant Sunderlal Chandel: Prosecute Me, If Need Be

Vikrant Sunderlal Chandel: Prosecute Me, If Need Be
Dorin Vancea

Dorin Vancea

Prometheus Nowadays


What are these dots on the street?

What are these thoughts that I keep?


Spend my days watching

pastel faces drip into plastic vases;

Spend my nights reciting

Hammurabi’s code to a broken toe.


He spends his Mondays in brooks brother’s shirts,

conducting medicine free home births.

He spends his Sundays orchestrating foreign insurrections,

doling out GlaxoSmithKline injections.


Abstract animals desecrate jungles.

I separate stone to make myself whole.

Prosecute me, if need be.


I got something resembling sleep on the bus.

Vikrant Sunderlal Chandel split his formative years between Bangalore and Boston. He is a recent Wesleyan graduate who writes, acts, sculpts and interns. Find him sipping ice tea at your local Thai restaurant.