Music Friyay: Boris, Ezra Furman, Stereolab

Music Friyay: Boris, Ezra Furman, Stereolab

By Joanna C. Valente

Here’s some music, new and old, you should listen to and check out:

Boris - Dear

In 2017, Japanese drone band, Boris, released their album “Dear.” It is absolutely nuts in the best way possible. I’ve seen them live four times and they never disappoint. My favorite: “Dear.”

Ezra Furman - Songs By Others

Furman released an album of cover songs and it’s delightful and puts Furman’s punk-electronic spin on old favorites. My favorite: “Devils Haircut.”

Stereolab - “French Disco”

Innovative and truly unique with everything they do, Stereolab released a new gem and it’ll get you moving.

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