2 Poems to Read Alongside Taleen Kali's New Singles from 'Soul Songs'

2 Poems to Read Alongside Taleen Kali's New Singles from 'Soul Songs'

By Joanna C. Valente

Taleen Kali is a cosmic punk femme and all around badass. She's a musician, artist, yogi, and writer who is making waves with her amazing jams. Kali, who lives in LA, is is releasing her debut solo album, Soul Songs, on Lolipop Records this summer; as of now, two of the singles on the album are on Spotify and Bandcamp, and already getting hype from places like BUST

Needless to say, "Half Lie" and "Lost and Bound" are delicious dance-goth-punk gifts, giving us a preview of what is to come, bringing us into a dark shimmery ocean home to a world full of beasts. 

Because of this, we paired some poems to read alongside the songs as companion pieces. Kali is also the publisher of DUM DUM Zine, an experimental art-lit publication. Check out our picks below:

Kaveh Akbar - Ways to Harm a Thing

You can preorder her debut album, Soul Songs, below (and it officially releases June 22, 2018):

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