6 Poems to Read Alongside SANDY's Debut Album

6 Poems to Read Alongside SANDY's Debut Album

By Joanna C. Valente

SANDY, a Brooklyn-based electronic band, wants you to be in a dreamscape. The band, which is comprised of Samantha Pathe, Steve Pathe, and Jeffrey Alan Carter, focuses on crafting a kind of a melodic ambient soundscape.

Their first album, which was self-titled, was released in 2014 by Night-People, and mastered by Yale Yng-Wong. Their first album is reminiscent of a grungier Beach House, drawing inspiration from an array of influences from Cocteau Twins to John Carpenter. Later this year and into early 2019, the band plans on releasing new music which completely puts a new spin on what they do well, creating atmospheric landscapes with soft, beautiful vocals.


We paired each song alongside a poem for you to have a multi-sensory listening and reading experience.

Jenny George - I Love You

Robert Okaji - If You Drop Leaves

Maggie Smith - Ohio Cento

You can listen to their entire album below and purchase a digital copy (and follow them on Bandcamp, Soundcloud, Instagram, Spotify, and Facebook).

Or on Spotify:

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