Gillian Parrish: Just When We Thought We Could Turn

Gillian Parrish: Just When We Thought We Could Turn
Dorin Vancea

Dorin Vancea

cold spell


the small boy said, ‘don’t all

teachers live in the forest’

when i am afraid i don’t move

for i would run wild and wreck things

no winks i see you when what

we thought we saw was wolves

sliding through the trees the

sidewalk is wild with salt light

the ice prints of pigeons (cuz i’m

lookin at code n shit)

half moon overhead like always

on a white path through the trees

and how cold your face is

just when we thought we could turn

Gillian Parrish is a teaching-geek who currently divides her not-enough-time between stacks of papers on brain-gut neuroscience in the classroom, persona poetics, community policing, and a mermaid tale for her sweet little niece. Her poems have appeared in various journals such as Gulf Coast, Hayden's Ferry ReviewThe Literary Review, and forthcoming in Volt. She's the mothership behind spacecraftproject, an arts and poetry journal with an ethos best summed up in the words of said 4-year-old niece (hope for the planet), who, at Christmas dinner, solemnly remarked that "We are all connected. In a web. Like The Force."