Wes Civilz: Can We Blame Her
Nathan Dumlao

Nathan Dumlao



Spiderman isn’t supposed to be green,

or yellow, or pink, or purple, but

a pick-up truck full of wrong-colored Spidermen

is definitely barreling down an icy mountain road


in this café, on the screen of that little girl’s cell phone,


as I eat my fried jalapeño




Can we blame her for her zombie entanglement

with a sleek box that offers only everything,


a tiny rainbowing eidolon of everything


that she ever wanted

that she never knew she wanted

that she shall learn to require

Wes Civilz lives next to a dusty cactus in Tucson, Arizona. His writing has appeared or is forthcoming in The Antioch Review, The Threepenny Review, [PANK], Entropy, and The Green Mountains Review. Please say hello at wescivilz.com.