Abi Pollokoff: Of Some Body
Tim Marshall

Tim Marshall

Sister, n., [Found]


1. A female in relationship               sometimes loosely


the sense of half


the plural:                   the same forms as the singular. These


assumed weak nouns, and gave the common Middle English forms


2. fig. a. reckoned as the place of specific uses:                fellow


phrases:          under the skin


b. similar                    to another


3. a. A member of order                   of special designation:


                                                            also, Mercy

                                                                                                similarly, Charity, etc.


b. A fellow                              of a whole                  or of some body:


                        in bad sense,

                                                            use the vocative, which appears. 




d. A member of a body                                a head having charge


Also, prefixed                                                A title to the name


A type of         cap


4. a. Used to designate qualities, conditions, etc.

                                                                                                            some kindred thing


b. Applied to mythological or imaginary beings; esp.                 sisters


5. A mode of address,                                   chiefly in senses


Also a mode of address                                to an unrelated name


6. The chief                            in the constellation                           See also sisters n.


7. A thing having close kinship                  to another. Obs.

Abi Pollokoff is a Seattle-based writer with work most recently in The Birds We Piled Loosely, CALAMITY, Inch, Broadsided Press, and LEVELER, among others. A former editor in chief of the Tulane Review, she won the 2012 Anselle M. Larson/Academy of American Poets prize for Tulane University. In 2016, she received her MFA from the University of Washington.