Andrew Wildermuth: Scroll Down

The End of a Line



Oh, PDFs of fragments of

Sappho. Oh, gods. I didn't expect


to touch heaven — just to preview


this file. Now, a panorama of a

coast, eclipsing blemish. Recall


a video. I finish when I recline,

forgetting facts. You can’t tell me


this all’s reversible; to

dream’s to invent a memory; to


share, to fill a cave. Indigo

abstract: lacked concentration, then


made clenched jaw. Choice: get a job,

or listen to the ads. No path to


great Olympos, for humans — Always

almost. Forgive me, before moving


I must stare at a wall. Historicize now, or

serialize a symptom. Put that on a pen.


The end of an alphabet denotes...

limitation; [the end of a line


scroll down]

Andrew Wildermuth is a poet from Maryland, studying North American literature and culture in Erlangen, Germany. His poems have recently appeared or are forthcoming in Into the VoidPoetry Salzburg Review, and Here Comes Everyone.