Ariel Clark-Semyck: Water's Wet Dream to Be Weightless

Ariel Clark-Semyck: Water's Wet Dream to Be Weightless

Valentine's Day




ideal date, alright:

you take me cave diving

in the cheese caves under Manhattan

scuba-tanks full of wine




you text back

say you're hanging

with the guys right now

I fart under the covers

stick my head under the covers &

breathe in but only a little




going through the Stations of the Cross

can be fun when

you approach it from a tourist's point of view

floating above each scene

trigger-happy with the lens cap off




falling face first through a computer screen

a pit of pixels fast approaching—

would I rather see myself

as a pile of robot diamonds

or a heap of space debris?




got picked up by a couple of drifters

in a cornfield


it's all fun & games until

someone pulls out a probe




ripest wounds grow in

more subtle organs than the skin


you hate when I wax pathetic

say shit like that




did you know

giant tarantulas keep small frogs as pets?


imagine that

eight little frogs

like eight little dogs

each leash tugging

on a furry leg—


doing its best


good pillow talk




maybe we need a new location

maybe we need electrocution




your mouth swims circles around pink pyramids on my chest it looks

like you know what you're doing here I have

no idea what I'm doing here




something about the blue stripe on a magpie's wing

like the sky took its bright blue celestial key

& scraped it along each feather's topcoat

like the sea took a paintbrush & dipped into itself

water's wet dream to be weightless in air




did you know

if you take nutmeg


it can be toxic


great pillow talk




to have a mind as clear & cold

as a swimming pool in the

center of the Arctic Circle




we listen to some Nick Drake

we are feeling very nostalgic but we're not sure what time we would like to go back to


I don't think we feel any more alone today than we do on any other day

Ariel Clark-Semyck is a graduate from University of Notre Dame. She lives in Chicago where she serves as a part-time henchwoman for various places of business. Her poems have been published in or are forthcoming in Dream Pop JournalWitch Craft MagazineRag Queen Periodical, andThe Nottingham Review.