Cade Leebron: #MeToo Series

Cade Leebron: #MeToo Series
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In my post-you world, I am often here:

at some busy intersection in my

city, a place you’ve never been. Cheap beer

cans are floating in yards, the new leaves fly

into my airspace. In my post-you world,

traffic looks appealing. Like I could spin

into cars, leave that figurative girl

I’m still hoping to rescue from within

your clutches, your tight grasp. As if you are

a cartoon villain. I am a cartoon

raped girl, living post-traumatic. Thus far

that name-thing-feeling is hard to shake. Moon

-rise illuminates each car’s hot mouth, I

am six years good at not crawling inside. 



My ex-boyfriend takes a screwdriver to

my sleeping head, twists. Morning after, his

friends tell me run. They hand me five dollars.

But I mirror no holes. What can money do?

His hands are always so careful. In the car,

his mother is unsurprised by his use of tools.

He should never get married. We fill comical

water bottles at her place, take a trip through

mountains. A wolf births babies in a cave, pink

and new, looking as we do. She and I cut plastic

netting away from them so they can grow.

They reach our size in minutes. She says it

again, he should never get married. Yes,

of course. This is a dream. But for three

years I felt it. Like while I slept, he cut

into me just to see how much

he might like it.




When you call me a piece of ass, I guess

what you mean is you think you can scratch

off another patch of dull skin from your


scratch-off map of all the fuckable ass to be

found in this world. I think it’s gotta be red

underneath. Of course you can never hope


to attain a full uncovered ass map, no man

has the resources for that thorough of an ass

quest. I don’t mean butt stuff, though I’m pretty


sure you’re a little bit into that. I’m talking

ass figurative, list of women who you’d be down

to put your dick in. They have to fit a lot of


criteria. Baby, you should put that nickel away.

I can’t reveal any red you haven’t seen, even if

you fuck me through this whole cold season. 


Cade Leebron lives in Columbus, Ohio. She has an MFA from The Ohio State University, where she served as an editor at The Journal. Her work has appeared in Brevity, Electric Literature, The Establishment, and elsewhere. She can be found online at or on Twitter @CadeyLadey