Demi Wetzel: #MeToo Series

Demi Wetzel: #MeToo Series
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I found your Facebook profile a few months ago.

An honest accident, I swear.

I didn’t want to find you because I didn’t know

you existed.

How could anyone exist as a partner

to the person

who almost kind of tried

to ruin my life?

Yet there you are

wearing scrubs

which means

you must have a respectable job

where you spend your days


for others who are hurting

or in some type

of unmanageable pain.


Would you care for me

if I came in on a stretcher?

I have to believe you would.

You have what looks like

three small,

very small children.

All petite despite their ages.

Their eyes give me chills

because they look just like


I imagine you going about the hospital

cleaning up uneaten jello

and flipping through charts.


I want to reach out to you

as a woman

as the woman

your husband raped

years and years ago.

I bet you’ve heard my name

once or twice maybe

on a random occasion

when someone remembered

to say it out loud.


Have you thought about me too?

Do you wonder how I got

to where I am today

knowing I too

once lay under the body

of your husband

and the father of your children?


Do you look at my photo

a few times a month?

What if I told you

the recurring nightmare of my life

was actually true?

Would you believe it involved

perhaps the love of your life?

In the nightmare,

your husband is the star.

I relive that night/s

too often in my mind.

More than I’d like

to admit.


I’m certain

that you’ve even been

inside that same room

in the house of your in-laws

where the fire first was lit

by your now husband.

But I’ll never know

if you want to know.

My only fear

is that he’s doing it

to you now too.

Demi Wetzel’s work can be found in Broad! Magazine, Face á Face Collective, and her chapbook—Life of the Party— was chosen as a 2017 Floating Bridge Press semifinalist. She graduated from University of Southern Indiana located in the same city where she was born and raised. Demi now lives and writes in the U.K.