Catherine Chambers: #MeToo Series

Catherine Chambers: #MeToo Series
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Isn’t there always

a boy (but this time

I’ll humor him and say man.)

We are all pregnant with something,

but in men I’ve found (who have found me)

it’s usually something dead.


A Virgo with a rising Cancer (me)

will try and heal

the fissures and stretch

marks that cover him (A Scorpio probably.)

I am under

the impression that he wants me

to feed him these horse pills,

taste mud season.


A girl who buys into star signs (also me)

will lubricate him (with the way I talk)

with Crown Maple Whiskey shots in the snow

without (a bra or) enough layers on.


A man (him) with something dead

inside bent me over and ate my ass

(to the best of my recollection) behind a house

older than both of us put together 

(the way we were

against clapboards.)  


What I remember: Orion

the hunter, (it was winter) the joint

in my hand (I was high), the name

of his son (whose mother was being

cheated on), the fact that at least

this way the dying thing in him

wouldn’t get inside me, looking up

at the rain gutter (help me), wondering

which one of us would cry first. (Me again.)

Catherine Chambers is an Asian-American mermaid living in Brooklyn with her dog, Bob Dylan. She is currently completing her MFA at the University of Southern Maine and edits Poets Resist for Glass: A Journal of Poetry. She tweets about Virgo stuff at @CatChamberz.