Carleen Tibbetts: This Has Very Little To Do With Saving

Carleen Tibbetts: This Has Very Little To Do With Saving



you holy buyer

intel tells us you

are wedded to cadence

just a gluey jewelry

box ballerina

enlaced & imperial jellied

spinning to slowchimed


wrest from your FAQ engine

the exothermic (de)vices

we are felled things tenderly

defeating one another

this has very little to do

with saving



it’s the Holocene so

we’re blissed out on

funny ha ha’s & spectrality

billboard junkies the

analog logos

may pass undetected

in the sloppy progression

of the hoard

looky-loo into the

lunar grit of all this

winsome frailty

closure’s a sensual fable

ceaseless beatific ghost

thank you for your order



safe in your plastic

LCD glowmouth

of euthanized visas

the lord maketh you

to candle & coddle

your future houses

you’ve exceeded

the storage limit

sweet pulsating metastases

of blood’s nyloned preciseness

humblebodied animals

die in private thus

Carleen Tibbetts is the author of several chapbooks, most recently “to exosk(elle), the last sugar” (Zoo Cake Press, 2015) and with Isobel O’Hare, coedits the experimental journal, Dream Pop. Recent work has appeared in TAGVVERK, DREGINALD, The Offending Adam, Deluge, Reality Beach, and jubilat, among others.