C.T. McGaha: Music for Autopsies
Markus Spiske

Markus Spiske

music for autopsies


i've been listening to

brian eno     a lot     recently




i've been thinking about

death     a lot     recently


it's not subliminal messaging

in ambient music that's doing it


it's just that


i've been thinking about

death     a lot     recently


when i die     i want

to be listening     to brian eno


so it's natural that

every car coming     across

yellow lines     a warning light

sometimes     i admit i am

the car coming     across yellow lines


i'm halfway through

music for airports 

where everything converges

     slowly     i haven't cleaned

my glasses     in quite awhile 

there's nothing     truly

sinister about dying


it’s     just     natural


like the '99 volvo wagon

wobbling tires     on a potholed road


like the rhodes piano

played     in a soft room     to no one

C.T. McGaha is a writer from charlotte, nc. he's the founder and co-editor of VANILLA SEX MAGAZINE. his work has been featured in Hobart, Juked, 90s Meg Ryan and other literary journals. he's also the author of the chapbook, GUTTERBOY RIDES AGAIN (Ursus Americanus Press, 2017).