Ian Kappos:  I’ve Used You



At work sometimes I

am so ruthless that I stack the fresh

cups atop or in front of

the old ones who gazing

at me implore in their whispering little

voices entreaties, use

me, set me out


But most of the time I’m

a sucker, I pull them from the back, I

reshuffle the deck, so

to speak, imagining while I’m doing this that

if you are watching me right

now you’re smiling, thinking

how kind I am to

spare the life of something I’ve

used less than I’ve

used you

Ian Kappos was born and raised in Northern California. Co-editor of Milkfist (www.milkfist.com), he has had over two dozen of his works of short fiction, nonfiction and poetry published online and in print. In Fall 2017 he will begin his studies as an MFA candidate at California Institute of the Arts. Interested readers can find out more at www.iankappos.net.