Jan Wiezorek: Mutilations from Salt

Salt Marsh


When we desire east,

but eclipse direction,


we become as spirits

invading a saltbox;


flung toward

pale windows of home.


Our floors set upon lengths

of silica and whitewash.


We’ve landed on a marsh,

inventing grasses,


standing wobbling, 

holding poems


like crystals painted

on my palms.


One hand brushes

the other, as salt (a poultice


of words that season

thoughts) vanishes.


Someone judges,

but our clouds of burden


mean nothing other

than other. We lick


their salty tears,

breathe brine,


and forget the nouns.

Time was when


we could lean

on each other,


and cough up

mutilations from salt.

Jan Wiezorek has taught writing at St. Augustine College, Chicago, and his poetry has appeared or is forthcoming at The London Magazine, Southern Pacific Review, Better Than StarbucksScarlet Leaf Review, Bindweed MagazineStraylight Literary Magazine, Literary JuiceElsewhereFIVE:2:ONE, Random Sample, Squawk BackTuck MagazinePanoplyzine, andSchuylkill Valley Journal. He is author of Awesome Art Projects That Spark Super Writing (Scholastic, 2011) and holds a master's degree in English Composition/Writing from Northeastern Illinois University, Chicago. Visit him at janwiezorek.weebly.com