Milo Gallagher: A Centaur Dreams



I’m confused half the days,

don’t know what the horse half wants,


or what to do

with all this broken light.


I wouldn’t know what to call a gathering of my kind

if I found one. A herd? A crowd?


The children who come to the meadow

to play tag and chew sweetgrass,


they pet me gently

but no one ever asks how I’m doing.


I make vague plans, bide my time,

feed the small fish in my belly’s riverbed.


And then one night it comes to me,

the word is a galloping,


a galloping of us, flying headfirst

into the cinnamon wind.


Milo Gallagher's poems have appeared or will soon appear in The Kenyon Review, The Grief Diaries, Crab Fat Magazine, Potluck Magazine, Anomaly, and elsewhere. He is an MFA candidate at Mills College. You can follow him on twitter @miloemilyg.