Jen DeGregorio: #NotTrump Series

Note from My Narcissism


I am an ode

to myself. I tan

in my own glow and know

every goodbye is hello. Every

body on the road, a doll

that longs to be held in

my muscular arms, to be stroked

by my right hand, to sit

at my right hand and cares

not what the other is doing,

which I’ll just say is

very important, my work

that it’s doing. It is conducting

the finest symphony

ever composed, the trill

that thrills from my throat

an unknown bird’s ornithologists

would kill for. Like anything rare

I am hard

to believe and I cost

beyond price. To watch

the populace window shop

is my highest joy. See them

rifle through pockets, place

their bets-- deeds to houses, rights

to dubious souls upon death

when all I have made will

be shown as the smoke

from the fireworks

blows, light so bright

it shuts each eye

in its head, forces

my name from all lips

in praise. Praise

for even one chance  

to carry me home. My gilded

cage, its purely decorative

lock I unlatch with my talented beak

and flap through, filling you

up with my song as I go.

Jen DeGregorio's poetry has appeared in Apogee online, The Baltimore Review, The Collagist, The Cossack Review, PANK, Spoon River Poetry Review, Women's Studies Quarterly, and elsewhere. Her writing has won scholarships from the Bread Loaf Writers' Conference and Hunter College in New York, where she received her MFA in creative writing. She teaches writing to undergraduates in New York and New Jersey and, come September, will be a PhD candidate in English/Creative Writing at Binghamton University (State University of New York).