Lauren Bender: #NotTrump Series


There can be nothing wrong with this picture of a butterfly / right? This gorgeous / swallowtail relaxed and communicative like a psychological test / like a plane at rest in a rhombus of summer light / casting its safest shadow on the wood / feet too small for fear of splinters

There is something about / this symmetry / this folded and unfolded face / its rhythm of skeletal sketches / flattened to paper / so sheer / oh those fireworks of blue froth / hint of citrus bled almost to full fenced pupils / walk across me / butterfly / I mean my hand / how much it loves you

only what proof is there / a butterfly actually happened

and if it did / did it happen on this porch / did it happen this summer / this century / could someone send me a source / the source of that source / especially the name and political values of the corporation sponsoring this butterfly lie / will it all end / again / at one percent

should we even glorify flight / who decides / what gorgeous is / I fell for it / I am falling

what have I done

Lauren Bender lives in Burlington, VT and is editor in chief of Mud Season Review. Her work has appeared in IDK MagazineTulane ReviewThe CollapsarThe Lindenwood ReviewGyroscope Review, and others. You can find her on twitter @benderpoet.