Olatunde Osinaike: Nicknames for My G.P.A.
Robert Lamb

Robert Lamb

nicknames for my g.p.a.



breaking bad 

royal toilet flush

tic-tac-toe match in the margins 

numbed handshake from Deebo on Friday

truce between work ethic and “I meeeaaaan”

sorry, you have the wrong number

blinking yellow light

now worse

now sacrifice

paper doorknob

“what’s on your mind?”

question from family feud

staleface stuck on stage five

late check in flight to the Caribbean

(can somebody make a quicksand emoji)

unscratched lottery ticket skating along sidewalk

stop on Soul Train line at teacher’s desk

origami love letter from Eustace

grade-A helium balloon

pair of dice


Olatunde Osinaike is an Nigerian-American poet and software developer originally from the West Side of Chicago. He is based in Nashville and is currently working on publishing his first chapbook.