Patricia Connolly: A Melting God
Jamie Street

Jamie Street

a melting god


§§  §§  §§  §§  §§    


of blonde

droplets still

perfectly, the second hand has

dinged the face


a backdoor breeds

familiarities with coffee

marks the counter


tops, remind me of


if western was

a place


in the future

of things

I won’t miss

an intake vent



shut. I can hear

my downstairs

neighbor pace

Patricia Connolly's book Recluse received an honorable mention in Coconut Poetry’s 2012 Joanna Cargill Book Prize, and some of her poems have appeared in The Rain Party and Disaster, Other Rooms PressAskew and The Bend. She has an MFA from the University of Notre Dame. She lives and works in Chicago, where she teaches sociology and literature for a community college.