Stanford Cheung: Even Blue Is a Body



You forget even the blue is a body

hiked by ruptured skies


ready to burn like little cracks of wire

scraped over a sheet of blue


and the sun’s unsinkable shiver

dreaming their next lives over shores

inside stars


Then another day strung like faces

in a field pulled away


Beneath rocks

the sound of clouds swept by wind


never stopping to look

but at themselves

Stanford Cheung is a poet and musician from Toronto. He is the author of the collection Structures from the Still (Akinoga Press, 2018). His chapbooks include Any Seam or Needlework (The Operating System, 2016), Kite Extension (Words(on)Pages, 2017) and Comfort of Malice (Inspiritus, 2018). Presently, Stanford resides in Montreal.